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“< H2 > my family is going to install a solar power generation system. Do you need to pay attention to anything? Please explain

What details should solar power generation system pay attention to

Many people have heard of solar power generation system, but they know very little about the basic knowledge of power generation system application. Here are the details of solar power generation system:

1. Photovoltaic cells are high resistance current sources and batteries are low resistance voltage sources. So we can short circuit the components, but we must not short circuit the battery

2. When the solar module is covered, it becomes an objective large resistance. If it is not drained, it will heat quickly

3. The 25 ℃ defined by solar module is the working temperature of the module rather than the ambient temperature

4. Solar modules with the same size materials (single crystal / polycrystalline) and the same rated power are deceptive if they are marked with different conversion efficiency

5. The wage voltage at the maximum power point of the solar module and the open circuit voltage of the module are a constant relationship of 0.8, which is very close. It is very important and convenient to estimate the rationality of inverter and system structure

6. For the current solar modules, the system is connected in parallel with more than 3 strings, and there must be overcurrent fuse protection

7. The influence of floating ash or even distribution on the surface of solar modules on efficiency is generally less than 5%

8. There is no sun or drizzle on cloudy days, the output power of the system is very small, and the open circuit voltage and working voltage of solar modules are very high

9. If the number of components of the East-West oriented system is the same, it can be connected in parallel without serious voltage dislocation

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Is it suitable for home users to install solar power generation system

In fact, most of the reasons for the recent national promotion of distributed power generation are to promote the installation of distributed power generation in households

Of course, families can install photovoltaic power generation. However, the installation environment of most families is not ideal, so the return on investment is low compared with that of factories. Not so attractive

There are many personal installations abroad (Germany, the United States, etc.), mainly due to the good installation environment, good investment return and easy procedures. Ha ha

The state subsidy of 0.42 is true

Thank you. It seems that it can be installed. The main purpose of installing this is to do a small public welfare. Ha ha

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How to install the auxiliary electric heating system in the solar water heating system

The solar water heater heats water by solar radiation, but the heat output of the solar water heater is insufficient in rainy days or winter without the sun. In order to be used 24 hours a day, an auxiliary heating system must be added. Auxiliary heating systems include oil heating, electric heating, natural gas or liquefied gas heating and boiler coal heating. No matter what kind of auxiliary heating system is adopted, solar energy should be used as the main heat source for optimal design. The auxiliary electric heating system consists of two parts. One part is the electric heating tube, which is a component that converts electric energy into heat energy; The other part is the control system, which can be divided into automatic control, manual control and semi-automatic control according to different control modes. There are two ways of electric heating: one is that the electric heating device is installed in the bathroom; In the Taisheng room, it is set separately from the solar water storage tank; The other is to insert the electric heating pipe into the middle and lower part of the water tank to heat the water above the electric heating pipe. With the I system equipped with auxiliary electric heating, in the case of insufficient solar irradiation in cloudy and rainy days, the water temperature in the solar hot water tank will also rise, but it can not meet the shower requirements. At this time, as long as the is heat is supplemented by electric heating to raise its temperature a little, it can meet the shower water temperature requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of all-weather use

How to best install lithium battery solar street lamp

Install solar lithium battery street lamps, and match the height of high-power solar photovoltaic panels, controllers, LED lamps and lamp poles according to the illumination time and intensity of your area. Strengthen the waterproof design, and the wire joint can be welded firmly (remove the screw joint)

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How to design and install solar photovoltaic power generation system

500W solar household solar power generation system (small power station)

The solar power generation system has exquisite appearance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is suitable for out exploration, home lighting, grassland and pastoral areas, field operation, agricultural and forestry villa, island fishing boat, border post and other areas without electricity

Features of photovoltaic power generation products:

1. Solar intelligent power station, which does not need oil, steam, coal and other fuels, is a new type of green power generation equipment. It can directly absorb the sunlight and change the power supply without spending a penny, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of life in areas without electricity

2. It adopts 270W polycrystalline (single crystal) high-efficiency solar panel, toughened glass aluminum frame lamination, and the solar support is made of galvanized angle iron, which is fashionable and beautiful, firm and practical, foldable packaging and convenient for carrying and transportation

3. The whole process is controlled by computer, with digital LCD screen. It can be operated by touching the key. Just press the “”on”” and “”off”” keys. There is no need for installation and debugging. It is simple, convenient and fast

4. Full computer intelligent control of overcharge, over discharge, overload, temperature compensation, electronic short circuit and other protection functions

5. The whole computer intelligently displays the input voltage, output voltage, use power, use frequency, remaining power and other functions, so that you can control the use state of the generator at any time

6. The computer-controlled power failure emergency function can be used in parallel with the municipal power supply. When the municipal power supply is cut off, the automatic compensation function of the solar power generation system has no impact on the use of electrical appliances (especially for computer users who will not lose data due to power failure)

7. The solar photovoltaic inverter is equipped with universal AC output socket and DC output socket, which is suitable for any household appliances, and can be equipped with special solar fan, LED energy-saving lamp, led ceiling lamp, etc. according to customer requirements

8. The solar photovoltaic inverter has built-in 200ah high-capacity special maintenance free battery for solar energy and pure sine wave AC inverter. The harmonic is more accurate and the use is more lasting

9. With rated power of 500W and voltage of 12V + 220V, it is suitable for VCD machine, TV, fan, desktop computer, notebook, electric rice cooker, water dispenser, hair dryer, refrigerator, washing machine, electric drill, grinding machine, communication station, microwave relay station, data acquisition station and other electrical appliances below 500W

10. Solar intelligent power generation system, silent, shockproof and dustproof, low-carbon energy, environmental protection and green, is a necessary product in areas without electricity

11. The solar panel weighs 15kg, the generator weighs 70kg and the total weight is 85kg

12. Generator specification: 600 * 600 * 460mm, outer box: 800 * 550 * 650mm (1 set packed in carton + wooden box)

13. Specification of battery board: 680 * 1130 * 35mm *, outer box: 700 * 1200 * 80mm (2-piece package), all of the above are neutral packaging for export

14. Do not make garbage products, the quality is absolutely guaranteed. We can design solar power generation products with different power and different styles according to customer requirements, and can achieve a maximum of 60kW solar power generation system

15. Daily use time: the TV can be used for 8 hours, the 350W electric rice cooker can be used for 3 hours (cooking 2 meals), the 3wled energy-saving lamp (equivalent to the 18W brightness of the ordinary energy-saving lamp) can be continuously illuminated for 600 hours (three days), and the solar fan (28 inch) can be used independently for 150 hours. Please choose other products of our factory to turn on the electrical appliances with high current

Yuxiang is good at designing and planning optimized renewable energy development, power supply technology and economic schemes for customers according to the use requirements and installation site conditions of different users, and can provide complete sets of grid connected or independent (off grid) solar photovoltaic power generation systems, grid connected photovoltaic power generation systems and solar / wind energy complementary power generation systems to realize “”turnkey”” projects. Information bar code: 10751051264568459

Beijing Yuxiang Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, design and installation of new solar energy and renewable energy products. It is located in Langlong Industrial Zone, Daxing District, Beijing

The company focuses on solar street lamp, solar courtyard lamp, solar landscape lamp, solar lawn lamp, solar wall lamp, solar column head lamp, solar buried lamp, solar projection lamp, solar panel, polysilicon panel, solar inverter, solar controller, LED outdoor lighting, design and installation of solar photovoltaic power generation system, solar advertising light box Sales of solar energy application series products such as solar energy traffic signs / signs, solar energy communication power supply and integrated system

The company is good at designing and planning optimized renewable energy development, power supply technology and economic schemes for customers according to the use solar panel racks requirements and installation site conditions of different users, and can provide complete sets of grid connected or independent (off grid) solar photovoltaic power generation systems and solar / wind energy complementary power generation systems to realize “”turnkey”” projects

The company is willing to promote the application of green energy with high-quality products and perfect services, and create a better tomorrow for human development! When designing a solar power generation system, you should first know the power of your electric equipment, input voltage, daily working hours of the equipment, installation area and the number of rainy days. With these parameters, the configuration of solar system can be designed

Installation generally determines the tilt angle of the solar panel according to your local latitude, with the direction facing south. Determine whether the battery is buried according to the local ambient temperature. My Taobao store (outstanding new energy) has technical indicators and prices of solar energy products and equipment for reference. First, investigate the local weather data such as sunshine time, intensity, temperature, sunny and cloudy days (very important). Secondly, determine the daily power consumption of the electrical appliances to be supplied, and further determine the specific parameters of your photovoltaic system according to these two aspects of information, such as how many solar panels, how large controllers, how large inverters, how much storage batteries, etc. The next step is installation and debugging

The design and installation of solar photovoltaic power generation system is a complex and systematic work. It’s only superficial for you, and you need to study it more carefully

I hope you will design and install your own solar photovoltaic system as soon as possible