Live silent Auction – Fundraising Ideas

Typically a live auction can raise at least 30-35% more money than a silent auction. One or two professionally organized live auction fundraisers can bring in more money than all your organizations other fundraisers combined. For this reason, and the potential for so many things to go wrong, you’d want to have your best and most trusted people involved.

Getting Started – Obtaining Items for your Live Auction

To maximize your potential profit, you’d silent auction item ideas like to have most of your items “donated” to your organization. If this is not possible, make sure to find high-end merchandise at greatly reduced prices. Think locally. Solicit donations from local businesses, gift certificates from local restaurants, and even coupons/certificates for free services. The better quality items for auction, the better your fundraising profits will be. You want to avoid though over spending on very expensive items such as computers, cars, or vacations.

Getting the word out about your Live Auction

Not only is it very important that you encourage the most amount of people to attend your live auction, it is equally important to get the “word out” about your organization. Your “message” or goal, should be at the forefront of all your fundraising efforts. The more that potential donors know about your organization and what you do, the more they’ll be willing to donte.

During the Live Auction

You might consider combining your auction with some other fundraising event. Holding the auction after a dinner or golf outing, might mean people are happier and more receptive to being “generous”. A professional auctioneer is invaluable during your fundraiser. Since live auctions tend to be the biggest potential money makers, they also have the potential to go really wrong. If the crowd begins to slip or get bored or are reluctant to spend, a professional auctioneer can mean the difference between huge profits and failure.

Top Five Do’s

1. Start and end on time.

2. Actively solicit “donated” items. Local businesses, restaurant gift certificates.

3. Hire professional auctioneer.

4. Keep auction moving at a good pace.

5. Combine auction with another event or dinner.

Top Five Don’ts

1. Don’t load up on expensive items (computers, cars, vacations, electronics).

2. Forget to advertise

3. Be afraid to seek professional event management help.

4. Forget about local newspaper, radio & tv ads.